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Table 2 Estimated demand to supply ratio of blood in South Asian countries in 2017 according to the predictive model proposed by Nicholas Roberts and colleagues [62]

From: Hydroxyurea and blood transfusion therapy for Sickle cell disease in South Asia: inconsistent treatment of a neglected disease

Country Contributors of BTS Demand to supply ratioa according to Roberts Status remark
India State, Private and NGO 3.0–5.0 Unmet demand
Pakistan State, Private and NGO 1.0–2.0 Unmet demand
Sri Lanka State 0.3–1.0 No unmet demand
Bangladesh State, Private and NGO 5.0–10.0 Unmet demand
Bhutan State 2.0–3.0 Unmet demand
Nepal State, Private and NGO 2.0–3.0 Unmet demand
Maldives State 1.0–2.0 Unmet demand
  1. aRatio of less than one indicates sufficient blood supply to meet the demand whereas ratio of more than one indicates unmet demand of blood