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Table 5 Parent–child agreement in ratings of the child’s generic and condition-specific HRQOL in children aged 8–18 years with delayed reconstruction of esophageal atresia

From: Postoperative morbidity and health-related quality of life in children with delayed reconstruction of esophageal atresia: a nationwide Swedish study

  Intraclass correlation coefficients average measures
Generic health-related quality of life (PedsQL 4.0)
 Physical functioning 0.80
 Emotional functioning 0.68
 Social functioning 0.61
 School functioning 0.87
 Total PedsQL 4.0 scores 0.76
Conditions-specific health-related quality of life (EA-QOL)
 Eating 0.88
 Social relationships 0.81
 Body perception 0.74
 Health & well-being 0.88
 Total EA-QOL scores 0.84
  1. Intraclass correlation coefficients considered moderate (0.5–0.74), good (0.75– 0.9) and excellent (> 0.90)