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Table 4 Relationships between symptoms and PedsQL family impact total scale score in children with esophageal atresia

From: Factors of family impact in a Swedish–German cohort of children born with esophageal atresia

  Feeding difficultiesa Digestive symptomsb Respiratory symptomsc
  n β0 β1 R2 p value n β0 β1 R2 p value n β0 β1 R2 p value
The PedsQL family impact total score 161 85.9 -5.3 0.35 p < 0.0001 168 87.1 − 10.3 0.30 p < 0.0001 164 82.4 − 3.4 0.09 p < 0.0001
  1. aFeeding difficulties (nmax = 9) food restriction/eats small portions/energy-enriched food/adjusted food consistency/>30 min to finish a large meal/increased fluid intake to ease swallowing food/food through a gastrostomy/nutritional intake through infusion pump/adult assistance during meals
  2. bDigestive symptoms (nmax = 3); food impaction/difficulty swallowing food, heartburn, vomiting
  3. cRespiratory symptoms (nmax = 5); cough, wheezing at physical activity/at rest, airway infections, breathlessness on physical exertion/at rest, chest tightness