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Table 1 ACR–EULAR classification criteria for systemic sclerosis

From: French recommendations for the management of systemic sclerosis

Domain Criteria* Score#
Cutaneous thickening (only consider the highest score) Cutaneous thickening of the fingers extending beyond the MCP joints 9
Swollen fingers 2
Symptoms of the fingers not extending beyond the MCP joints 4
Pulp lesions (only consider the highest score) Digital pulp ulcers 2
Depressed scars 3
Telangiectasias   2
Capillaroscopic anomalies   2
Pulmonary damage PAH and/or pulmonary fibrosis 2
Raynaud’s phenomenon   3
SSc-specific antibodies Anti-topoisomerase I 3
Anticentromere antibodies
Anti-RNA polymerase III
  1. RNA ribonucleic acid, MCP metacarpophalangeal, SSc systemic sclerosis
  2. *This criterion can be included if appearing at any time during the clinical history
  3. #The weight of each item present must be summed to obtain the total score. A score of 9 or more permits classifying patients as having SSc