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Table 6 Dressing- and medical-related expenses per patient per year

From: A systematic literature review of the disease burden in patients with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Citation, study design Country Patient population Sample size, N Cost per patient per yeara Cost year Definition
Dressing costs
Jeon [59] South Korea RDEB 13 $4296 2016 USDc Dressings, fixing materials, topical agents and medicines used during changes
Patient surveyb
Mellerio [62] United Kingdom RDEB 40 $9049 2016 GBPc Cost of dressing
Patient and caregiver surveyb   RDEB, severe 17 $17,151   Cost of dressings
   RDEB 11 $15,293   Cost of hours spent dressing wounds
Grocott [76], single-center, cross-sectional surveyb United Kingdom RDEB, with wounds difficult to manage with conventional dressings 11 $28,727 2012 GBP Dressing materials, costs estimated via monthly dressing orders
Kirkorkian [77], United States RDEB, neonate NA $4,000–$47,000 2014 USD Cost of wound care products obtained from (August 2012 prices) based on body-size
Cost exercise model   RDEB, infant   $8,000–$99,000   
   RDEB, 10 year old   $20,000–$245,000   
Flannery [78], Patient surveyb Ireland EB 5 (4 RDEB) $32,256 2020 EURc Median wound and drugs cost
Medical, non-dressing-related costs
Jeon [59], Patient surveyb South Korea RDEB 13 $3096 2016 USD All RDEB expenses excluding dressing costs
Mellerio [62], Patient and caregiver surveyb United Kingdom RDEB 10 $1249d 2016 GBPc Cost per hospital stay, assuming ₤212 per day
Flannery [78], Patient surveyb Ireland EB 5 (4 RDEB) $84,534 2020 EURc Median total medical costs
     $33,679   Median overnight hospital costs, assuming €813 per night
     $2890   Median day clinic costs, assuming €407 per visit
     $1304   Median other primary care costs, including GP visits, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, public health nurse visits
  1. GBP, British pound sterling; GP, general practitioner; EB, epidermolysis bullosa; EUR, euro; NA, not applicable; NR, not reported; RDEB, recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa; USD, United States dollar
  2. aAll costs converted to USD based on November 5, 2020 exchange rate
  3. bPatient surveys were used to gather healthcare resource utilization and then local unit costs were applied to generate cost estimates
  4. cYear of currency not defined, assumed to be publication year
  5. dCost reported per hospital stay not per year