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Table 4 Data related to sweating ability and heat intolerance

From: No evidence for preferential X-chromosome inactivation as the main cause of divergent phenotypes in sisters with X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia

Code Reported heat intolerance Body areas with reported sweating ability Reported impact of reduced sweating on:
Daily life Sports
F1_S1 Y Y N Y
F1_S2 N Y N N
F1_M N Y N Y
F2_S1 Y Y Y Y
F2_S2 N Y N Y
F2_M N Y N N
F3_S1 Y Y Y Y
F3_S2 N Y N N
F4_S1 N Y N N
F4_S2 N Y N N
F4_M Y Y N N
F5_S1 N Y N Y
F5_S2 N Y N N
F6_S1 N Y N N
F6_S2 Y Y Y N
F6_M Y Y Y Y
  1. Abbreviations: F, family; S, sister; M, mother; Y, yes; N, no