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Table 1 Participants’ information regarding gender, parental consanguinity, residence and their knowledge on thalassemia

From: Nationwide carrier detection and molecular characterization of β-thalassemia and hemoglobin E variants in Bangladeshi population

CharacteristicParametersNo. of Participants, n (%)
GenderMale1138 (60.1)
Female739 (39.9)
Consanguineous parentsYes81 (4.32)
No1796 (95.68)
ResidenceUrban1268 (67.6)
Rural609 (32.4)
Knowledge regarding thalassemiaPrior knowledge about thalassemia1279 (68.14)
Knowledge about how thalassemia is acquired707 (37.66)
Presence of patients or carriers in the participants familyYes50 (2.66)
No459 (24.45)
Not known1368 (72.88)