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Table 1 MRI protocol

From: Chest MRI to diagnose early diaphragmatic weakness in Pompe disease

  1. MRI protocol and parameters on 3 T GE Signa 750 MRI (General Electric Healthcare, Milwaukee, USA) with a 32-channel torso coil. The acquisition for this part of the study is marked with thick borders and included 2D dynamic inspiratory SPGR multiphase sagittal acquisition at the level of the right and left mid-hemi-diaphragm. All dynamic inspiration acquisitions started with breath holding at end-expiration and ended with breath holding at end-inspiration. Dynamic forced expiration started with breath holding at end-inspiration and ended with breath holding at end-expiration
  2. 2D = bi-dimensional, 3D = three-dimensional, Disco = DIfferential Sub-sampling with Cartesian Ordering, SPGR = spoiled gradient echo, Tricks = time-resolved imaging of contrast kinetics, FSGPR = fast spoiled gradient echo
  3. aAfter respective 3D SPGR inspiratory and expiratory localizer sequences
  4. bSequence will be repeated after 2D FSPGR sequence