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Table 2 Pareto principle classifications for evaluation of the EQ-5D-3L Y from Visit 1 to Visit 2

From: Clinical disease progression and biomarkers in Niemann–Pick disease type C: a prospective cohort study

Classification Number of individuals (n = 30)
Better (at least one dimension has improved, and no worsening is seen in any other dimension), n (%) 7 (23.3%)
Worse (at least one dimension has worsened, and no improvements are seen in any other dimension), n (%) 12 (40.0%)
Same (the health profiles are the same; there has been no change in health state), n (%) 7 (23.3%)
Mixed (the dimensions are better on one dimension, but worse on another), n (%) 4 (13.3%)
  1. EQ-5D-3L Y: EuroQol 5-Dimension 3-Level Youth Proxy version questionnaire