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Table 2 Frequency of the 13 main lesions in participants with CHARGE syndrome (CS) to calculate the global somatic severity score (n = 64)

From: Should autism spectrum disorder be considered part of CHARGE syndrome? A cross-sectional study of 46 patients

Lesionsn/n with available data (%)
Inner-ear and semi-circular canals malformation61/64 (95)
Repetitive ear infections37/50 (74)
Coloboma46/61 (75.4)
Cardiac malformation38/61 (62.3)
Bone anomalies27/47 (57.4)
Genital anomalies and puberty delay24/47 (51.1)
Growth retardation25/55 (45.5)
Facial palsy22/48 (45.8)
Kidney and urinary tract malformation17/53 (32.1)
Choanal atresia22/59 (37.3)
Lip and palate cleft10/58 (17.2)
Esophageal atresia14/48 (29.2)
Microcephaly20/55 (36.4)