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Table 1 Considerations when interpreting protein analysis from food labels

From: PKU dietary handbook to accompany PKU guidelines

• It is protein rather than phenylalanine content stated on food nutrition labels of regular foods.
• For foods produced in the EU, if the protein content is ≤0.5 g/100 g, the food product can state it contains 0 g protein.
• The USA consider a protein content of < 1 g is insignificant and it will not state the specific amount of protein per serving size if the protein content is < 1 g/portion size.
• The protein content on a food label may not differentiate between cooked or uncooked weight.
• In dry foods, protein content may be listed only after a food has been ‘theoretically’ reconstituted. Manufacturers may assume that some food items are reconstituted with cow’s milk e.g. desserts or custards and this is the protein value that may be stated on the label. This will overestimate the protein content if dry foods are reconstituted with low protein milk rather than cow’s milk.