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Table 5 Ophthalmic assessments

From: Natural history of X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: a 5-year follow-up study

CodeCorneal examinationMeibomian gland openingsaBUT (s)OSDI scoreSchirmer’s test (mm)
Right eyeLeft eyeRight eyeLeft eyeRight eyeLeft eye
Male subjects
 M3–001SPK (on both sides)123311.11210
 M3–003SPK (on both sides)23248.3u.a.u.a.
 M3–008SPK (on both sides)231213.820u.a.
 M3–013SPK (on both sides)135511.1611
 M3–016SPK (on both sides)008105.5u.a.u.a.
 M3–017N0212122.714> 25
 M3–018SPK (on both sides)124419.4u.a.u.a.
 M3–020SPK (on both sides)10u.a.u.a.22.2u.a.u.a.
 M3–025N66u.a.u.a.2.7> 25> 25
Female subjects
 F3–004N> 20> 2014140.0u.a.u.a.
 F3–011N> 20> 20982.5105
 F3–021N6512100.0> 25> 25
  1. Abbreviations: a, maximum number detected in the lower lid during two independent examinations; N, normal; SPK, superficial punctate keratitis; u.a., unable to assess; b, not fully developed