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Table 4 Number of admissions for other causes per SMA type

From: Management and current status of spinal muscular atrophy: a retrospective multicentre claims database analysis

DiagnosesSMA-ISMA-IIISMA-II and IVProgressive SMA
Abdominal pain6294980
Acute bronchitis4370192
Acute respiratory failure2915731
Asthma, unspecified1062627654
Breath abnormality3974437
Chronic bronchitis394533198
Chronic respiratory failure813231
Diabetes mellitus type II372545262295
Disuse muscular atrophy33792046
Infantile cerebral palsy, unspecified6568032
Lumbar pain181258
Malaise and fatigue121457
Pulmonary collapse274113
Pressure ulcer101596258
Supplementary oxygen dependency717010
Unspecified essential hypertension832845901368
Patient number388462229