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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the CTRL and Pre-HD groups

From: The effect of impulsivity and inhibitory control deficits in the saccadic behavior of premanifest Huntington’s disease individuals

 CTRL = 22Pre-HD = 15Chi-Square /Mann-Whitney
χ2/ Up
 Gender (F:M) 15:7Gender (F:M) 8:70.8360.361
 Handedness (R:L) 19:3Handedness (R:L) 15:03.0580.383
Age (years)34123712161.50.914
Education (years)11.52127155.50.766
CAG repeats412
Time to HD Onset (years)21.111
UHDRS - OculoTMS01
  1. No significant differences were found between Pre-HD and Controls in any of the Demographic variables
  2. IQR Interquartile Range, CAG repeats CAG repeat expansion confirmed by a genetic test, Time to HD Onset estimated number of years to the formal diagnosis of manifest HD, calculated with the Langbehn’s formula [58], UHDRS Unified Huntington’s Disease Rating Scale [59], TMS Total Motor Score of the UHDRS, OculoTMS a composite score extracted from the sum of the oculomotor items of UHDRS-Motor scale, TFC Total Functional Capacity scale of the UHDRS