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Table 4 Physician-reported satisfaction regarding PS-matched patients with and without inhibitors in the CHESS studya

From: Inhibitor clinical burden of disease: a comparative analysis of the CHESS data

Outcomes Patients who never developed inhibitors Patients with current inhibitors p-valueb
N = 58 N = 58
Physician responses to question, “Which of the following best describes your current satisfaction with the prognosis for this haemophilia patient?” N (%)
N 58 58  
 Satisfied 35 (60.3) 33 (56.9)  
 Not satisfied, but I believe this is the best that can be realistically achieved for this patient 15 (25.9) 14 (24.1)  
 Not satisfied, and I believe better outcomes can be achieved for this patient 8 (13.8) 11 (19.0)  
 Satisfied 35 (60.3) 33 (56.9) .6831
 Not satisfied 23 (39.7) 25 (43.1)  
  1. Abbreviations: BMI body mass index, CHESS Cost of Haemophilia across Europe – a Socioeconomic Survey, PS propensity score
  2. aPatients with current inhibitors were matched to patients who had never developed an inhibitor based on demographics (age, BMI, race) and comorbidity status using propensity scores stratified by hemophilia type. Matching was performed using a preset caliper size of 0.035 to maintain the maximum sample size using the smallest caliper width
  3. bP-values were derived from a paired t-test or Wilcoxon signed rank test for continuous post-match variables, and the McNemar’s test or exact McNemar’s test for categorical variables; p < .05 indicates statistical significance