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Table 7 Consensus and dissensus between the P&P and the Professional groups on QT functioning

From: Lessons from patient and parent involvement (P&PI) in a quality improvement program in cystic fibrosis care in France

QT functioning
Consensus amongst P&P No consensus amongst P&P
Consensus amongst Professionals Process strategies: Process strategies:
(++) Leader’s behavior reflecting the importance he/she placed on the quality team functioning well
(++) Members of the team came from different backgrounds, experiences and skills
(++) Availability of enough resources and skills on the team to work properly
(++) Team receiving all information required to plan and organize its work
(NC+) The leader also asked the opinions of the other members of the team
Decision Making:
(NC+) We appreciated and built with our differences
(NC+) The team members were all focused on achieving the same goals.
Decision Making:
(++) Attention being paid to the contributions of each member of the team
(++) Most team members participating in decision-making
(++) Ease for all members in suggesting ideas for change
(++) Team members agreed on the project’s objectives
(++) The achievement of the objectives guided the activities of the members of the team.
Internal/external collaborations:
(++) The people I’ve worked with are comfortable suggesting changes and improvements
No consensus amongst Professionals   Normative:
(NC,NC) The team members did what was expected of them.
Internal/external collaborations:
(NC,NC) There was a lot of cooperation between the departments of the hospital.