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Fig. 4

From: Re-evaluation of hypoplastic left heart syndrome from a developmental and morphological perspective

Fig. 4

Reduced diameter of ascending aorta and ventricular phenotype in HLHS

a Atretic ascending aorta (Ao) of similar diameter to left and right coronary arteries (LCA, RCA) in heat with MA/AA. The aortic root has been dissected but no aortic valve tissue is visible. b Larger calibre ascending aorta in MA/AS, with subclavian artery (RSCA) arising opposite ductus arteriosus (DA). c Diameter of ascending aorta in HLHS subgroups. There is an increase in the calibre of the ascending aortic segment in comparison to the pulmonary artery between ventricular phenotypic groups. The MA/AA group have the thinnest aorta, the MS/AA larger and the largest are in the MS/AS and miniature ventricle groups. **p < 0.01,****p < 0.001 d. Example of spillage of ductal tissue into aorta (arrow)

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