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Table 2 Narrative typologies and supporting codes

From: A window into living with an undiagnosed disease: illness narratives from the Undiagnosed Diseases Network

  Proband Parent
Restitution Narrative (total) 4 10
 Healthy, sick, with expectation that health would be restored 3 3
 Acceptance of a new normal inclusive of the illness/disorder 1 7
Chaos Narrative (total) 20 20
 Disorganization in description of illness and/or symptoms 14 2
 Suffering and loss 19 9
 Fear and uncertainty/difficulty making future plans 9 16
 Searching for legitimacy 7 1
Quest Narrative (total) 1 17
 Focus on the positive attributes of self/child/family   16
 Individual/parent taking control and advocating/identification of new strengths   14
 Hope that something will be gained for others 1