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Table 6 Information for patients

From: Management of everolimus-associated adverse events in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex: a practical guide

• Patients should be advised that they may be more susceptible to infections during treatment with everolimus, and to be aware of and to promptly report to a healthcare professional any signs and symptoms of infection, including a raised temperature
• Brush teeth regularly and gently with a soft toothbrush
• Use a mild toothpaste (e.g. children’s toothpaste)
• Rise frequently with a bland mouthwash, such as water or a salt mouthwash (e.g. half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water)
• Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol
• Avoid hot food (in temperature and/spiciness) or crunchy food
Non-infectious pneumonitis
• Patients should be advised to promptly report any new or worsening respiratory symptoms
• Use a mild, unperfumed soap
• Wear loose convertible clothes
• When washing and drying the body, pat dry instead of rubbing with a towel
• Moisturise frequently
• Take short, lukewarm showers
• Use sunscreen (at least SPF 15)