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Table 2 Common clinical data elements

From: The RENAPE observational registry: rationale and framework of the rare peritoneal tumors French patient registry

Patient information  
 Contact details  
 Current or past professional activity  
 Medical contact details  
 Personal and family relevant medical history  
Preoperative work  
 Occupational/environmental exposure (asbestos, erionite, mica, etc.)  
 Diagnosis date and circumstances  
 Imaging: MRI, CT-TDM, PET scan  
 Biology: tumor markers, creatinine  
 Neoadjuvant treatments:  
  Chemotherapy: dates, no. cycles, regimen  
  Radiotherapy: dates, dose (Gy)  
  Surgery: date, intervention (laparotomy, CRS)  
Peroperative data  
 Date of surgery  
 ASA score  
 ECOG Performance Status  
 Peritoneal Cancer Index (PCI)  
 CCR score  
 Spleen removal surgery  
 Time of surgery  
 Intraperitoneal chemotherapy:  
  HIPEC modalities  
  Chemotherapeutic agent(s) used  
 Type of postoperative analgesia  
90-day postoperative follow-up  
 Major complications (based on CTCAE v4.0):  
  Inflammatory fever  
  Hemorrhage, hemoperitoneum, intra-abdominal hematomas  
 Re-intervention (surgery)  
 Image-guided drainage  
 Endoscopic treatment  
 Radiologic treatment  
 Duration of ICU  
 Hospital stay  
 90-day vital status  
  1. Abbreviations: CCR completeness of cytoreduction, CRS cytoreductive surgery, CTCAE Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, HIPEC Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, ICU Intensive Care Unit, PCI Peritoneal Cancer Index, PIPAC pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy