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Fig. 1 | Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases

Fig. 1

From: Propranolol reduces viability and induces apoptosis in hemangioblastoma cells from von Hippel-Lindau patients

Fig. 1

Propranolol downregulates HIF-dependent transcription in HeLa cells. a Schematic structure of 9XHRE-luc reporter. b HIF-dependent transcription in HeLa reporter cell line. Luciferase assays were performed in HRE-luc-stably transfected HeLa cells under hypoxic conditions and propranolol treatment. Propranolol (50–100 μM) prevented hypoxia stimulation in HeLa cells, as shown by the decrease in luciferase activity, by inhibiting the activation of hypoxia elements (HRE) by HIF. ***P < 0.005

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