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Table 7 Model summary of GHQoL factors and BDCAF with ulcer characteristics

From: Genital ulcer severity score and genital health quality of life in Behçet’s disease

   Sitting Walking Passing Urine Sexual Activity GHQoL BDCAF
Model Summary R .724a .783a .624a .615a .775a .504a
R Square .524 .614 .389 .378 .600 .254
Sig. (ANOVA) .000* .000* .001* .001* .000* .033*
  1. aPredictors: (Constant). Ulcer Site. Ulcer Average Size (mm). Ulcer Duration (weeks). Ulcer Average Number. Ulcer Free-Period (weeks). Ulcer Pain
  2. Significant values are indicated in bold
  3. *P- value < 0.05 (SPSS)