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Table 1 Prevalence of sporadic IBM in different populations

From: Sporadic inclusion body myositis: the genetic contributions to the pathogenesis

Study Region Diagnostic criteria Prevalence (per million population) Prevalence > 50 yrs (per million population)
Lingberg et al.[2] Sweden Biopsy and clinical data 2.2 n/a
Kaipiainen-Seppanen and Aho[4] Finland Not mentioned 0.9 n/a
Philips et al.[5] Australia Griggs et al. criteria 9.3 35.3
Badrising et al.[3] Netherlands ENMC criteria 4.9 16
Felice and North (Connecticut, USA)[6] Connecticut, USA Griggs et al. criteria 10.7 28.9 (>45 yrs)
Needham et al.[1] Western Australia Clinical and biopsy criteria 14.9 51.2
Wilson et al.[7] Olmsted County, USA Griggs et al. criteria 71 n/a
Oflazer et al.[8] Istanbul, Turkey Own criteria from the study (biopsy and clinical data) 1.0 6.0
Suzuki et al.[9] Japan Clinical and biopsy criteria 1.3 (in 1991) n/a
9.8 (in 2003) n/a
Tan et al.[10] South Australia Biopsy and clinical data 50.5 139.3