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Table 4 Preventive measures to reduce the onset of new lesions during daily life

From: Multicentre consensus recommendations for skin care in inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Direct skin protection • Protect vulnerable skin sites, (e.g. knees and elbows) with soft silicon contact layers, silicon sheets or strips (e.g. KerraPro®) or thick padding
  • Use gloves when the child begins to crawl/walk and lifelong during sports or hobbies (e.g. DermaSilk® or Tubifast®)
  • Avoid hard shoes with internal seams, tight clothes and clothes with raised seams, tags in contact with the skin
  • Use protective padding for shoes, such as a poron insole or orthotic device
  • Pad the frame at the nose bridge and over the ears of eye glasses
Other measures • Ensure that toys are frequently cleaned and in soft material without traumatic angles
  • Prefer hobbies and sports at low risk of skin trauma (e.g. adapted gym, swimming, ping-pong, reading, singing, playing music, electronic toys and informatics)
  • House air conditioning and other cooling measures in hot climates