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Table 1 Overview of MEAs identified across five European countries, described by country and design

From: Reconciling uncertainty of costs and outcomes with the need for access to orphan medicinal products: a comparative study of managed entry agreements across seven European countries

Types of MEAs Countries Number of MEAs
  B E I NL S  
Performance-based arrangements       23
Performance-linked reimbursement schemes       8
   Money-back guarantees    x    8
Coverage with evidence development (CED)       15
   CED ‘only with research’     x x 15
Financial-based arrangements       19
Patient-level financial schemes       10
   Discounted treatment initiation    x    6
   Patient utilisation cap   x     2
   Patient cost cap x x     2
Population-level financial schemes       9
   Discount x x x    7
   Price-volume agreement with budget cap x      2
Grand total 4 8 15 10 5 42
  1. B: Belgium; E: England & Wales; I: Italy; NL: Netherlands; S: Sweden.