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Table 2 The X chromosome inactivation patterns obtained from AR assays

From: Two new Rett syndrome families and review of the literature: expanding the knowledge of MECP2 frameshift mutations

AR assay
Family A, I:1 A270:A273 (12:88) Family B, I:1 A271:A277 (51:49)
Family A, II:1 A270:A273 (56:44) Family B, II:2 A274:A277 (46:54)
Family A, II:2 A270:A273 (63:37) Family B, II:3 A269:A271 (20:80)
  1. The alleles (A) are indicated with the size of the PCR fragments in base pair. The allele sizes in Family B, indicates the presence of a recombination event. Note that the two half-sisters in family B, does not have the same father.