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Figure 2

From: Mutation spectrum of MLL2 in a cohort of kabuki syndrome patients

Figure 2

Mutation spectrum of MLL2 in our cohort of Kabuki syndrome patients. Upper panel: genomic structure of the MLL2 gene including 54 coding exons (black rectangles), the 3'untranslated region (red rectangle) and introns (black horizontal line). Mutations are represented in black (nonsense = 16), red (indel = 3), blue (splice sites = 3), and green (frameshift = 13). Middle figure: MLL2 protein domain structures, PHD, plant homeodomain finger; HMG-box, high mobility group; CC, Coiled Coil; LXXLL domain, FYRN, FY-rich domain, N-terminal region; FYRC, FY-rich domain, C-terminal region; SET, (Su(var)3-9, Enhancer-of-zeste, Trithorax) domain; PostSET: PostSET domain. Lower panel: evolutionary comparison of the protein sequences flanking the 7 missense mutations identified in the human MLL2 protein with their orthologous counterparts in seven species. The position of the amino acid change is indicated with a star.

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