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Registry of Outcome Measures (ROM); tools supporting review and selection of outcome measures (OMs) for studies and trials


Selecting the right OMs for clinical trials/studies is critical to success. Unless it is done it can be a major barrier to translational research. The choice is best made by systematically reviewing existing OMs to identify suitable measures and inform decisions about adapting existing OMs or creating new ones. ROM helps this effort by offering information on an expanding number of potentially suitable OMs. We have added web-based tools to support the review and selection process.


ROM incorporates:

1) a 'Tree of OMs' - allows the reviewer(s) to record OMs by category as being considered for a specific study or trial

2) a search engine that enables investigators to find potential OMs in ROM

3) a comparison table that displays information about multiple OMs to aid selection

4) a document in progress which will evolve into a Manual for the review and selection of OMs

These web based tools are easily accessible to collaborative groups. They can be open access so that all investigators can see work in progress, avoid duplication of effort, and contribute their views.


These tools have led to the publication of more OM records in ROM and are appreciated by investigators.


These new tools on will play an important part in helping translational research.

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