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Figure 1

From: Acro-cardio-facial syndrome

Figure 1

Facial and limb features of two patients with the acro-cardio-facial syndrome: A, B, C, E: patient reported by Mingarelli et al., 2005 [4]; D: patient reported by Giannotti et al., 1995 [2](2a in Table 1). A: Lateral total body view; B: Facial appearance of patient 4, showing high forehead, prominent eyes, long eyelashes, hypertelorism, broad nasal root; C: Ectrodactyly of right hand; D: Facial appearance of patient 2a, showing high forehead, broad nasal root, low-set dysmorphic ears; E: X-ray of right foot, showing split foot malformation with five metatarsal (including a very hypoplastic second metatarsal) and absence of all the phalanges of second and third toes.

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