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Table 1 Common types of beta-thalassemia: severity and ethnic distribution.

From: Beta-thalassemia

Population β-gene mutation Severity
Indian -619 del β0
Mediterranean -101 C→T β++
Black -88 C→T β++
Mediterranean; African -87 C→G β++
Japanese -31 A→G β++
African -29 A→G β++
Southeast Asian -28 A→C β++
Mediterranean; Asian Indian IVS1-nt1 G→A β0
East Asian; Asian Indian IVS1-nt5 G→C β0
Mediterranean IVS1-nt6 T→C β+/++
Mediterranean IVS1-nt110 G→A β+
Chinese IVS2-nt654 C→T β+
Mediterranean IVS2-nt745 C→G β+
Mediterranean codon 39 C→T β0
Mediterranean codon 5 -CT β0
Mediterranean; African-American codon 6 -A β0
Southeast Asian codon 41/42 -TTCT β0
African-American AATAAA to AACAAA β++
Mediterranean AATAAA to AATGAA β++
Mediterranean codon 27 G→T Hb (Hb Knossos) β++
Southeast Asian codon 79 G>A (Hb E) β++
Malaysia Codon 19 G>A (Hb Malay)  
  1. β0:complete absence of beta globin on the affected allele
  2. β+:residual production of beta globin (around 10%)
  3. β++:very mild reduction in beta globin production