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Table 6 Sweet's syndrome and possibly associated conditions

From: Sweet's syndrome – a comprehensive review of an acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis

Behcet's disease [272]

Erythema nodosum [17,30,186,187,190,214,236,264,266,273-276,405,415]

Relapsing polychondritis [5,20,195,277-280,409,425]

Rheumatoid arthritis [12,16,20,231]

Sarcoidosis [18,188,274,281-283,409,413]

Thyroid disease: Grave's disease [117,284,285] and Hashimoto's thyroiditis [12,286]

  1. Source [1]: Adapted with permission from Cohen PR, Kurzrock R: Sweet's syndrome revisited: a review of disease concepts. Int J Dermatol 2003;42:761–778. Copyright 2003, Reprinted with permission from the International Society of Dermatology, Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford, United Kingdom.