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Table 1 HCP perspectives of the structure and management of achondroplasia care in adulthood

From: Optimising care and follow-up of adults with achondroplasia

Question No. of responses*
Is there a structured transition process from paediatric to adult services?
 Yes 6
 No 9
Do patients leaving/attending your centre transition to an MDT for management of achondroplasia in adulthood?
 Yes 6
 No 8
I don’t know 1
Is there a lead clinician in the management of adults with achondroplasia?
 Yes 11
 No 3
 I don’t know 1
If yes, who is the lead clinician?
 Endocrinologist 4
 Rheumatologist 3
 Clinical geneticist 4
 Orthopaedic surgeon 0
 Genetic counsellor 0
 Primary care physician 1
  1. *Not all respondents answered all questions