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Table 2 Overview of study populations and research aims of the included studies

From: The health-related quality of life, mental health and mental illnesses of patients with inclusion body myositis (IBM): results of a mixed methods systematic review

Study Age IBM patients*
Age at onset/diagnosis*
Disease Duration*
Disease Severity*
IBM specific
Disease severity measures**
Research Aims Regarding HRQoL and Mental Health/Illness
Feldon et al. [34] Not stated; Not stated/Median 62.3 (IQR 55.5–68.2) Median 9.2 (IQR 5.3–13.6) Not stated Questionnaire with disease-related information HRQoL in adult IIM compared to RA and normal population, predictors of lower HRQoL in IIM
Goyal et al. [36] Median seropositive 67 (47–77), seronegative 70 (60–85) Median seropositive: 55.5 (45–71), seronegative: 54.0 (54–78)/not stated Median seropositive:10.0 (3–15), seronegative: 11.0 (4–24) IBMFRS median seropositive: 23 (17–36), seronegative: 29 (22–35), (p = 0.06) 6 min walk test, timed get up and stand test, MRC, right and left hand grip, NIF, pressure meter, mRS, mOBFRS Exploring HRQoL according to NT5c1A antibody
Rose et al. [39] Mean 63 ± 11.6 Not stated  > 0.6 Not stated HAQ Impact of chronic muscle disease upon HRQoL, exploring disease severity, mood and illness perceptions upon HRQoL
Sadjadi et al. [38] Mean 64.47 ± 8.47 Not stated Mean 4.35 ± 2.96 (0–10.8) Not stated ALS-FRS, MMT, QMT Impact of IBM upon HRQoL, impact of disease severity upon HRQoL, identification of alternative assessments for IBM relating to HRQoL, impact of depression on relationship of disease severity and HRQoL
Gibson et al. [35] Mean 58.1 (50–80) Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated Impact of pertinent symptoms upon HRQOL and daily functions
Ortega et al. [37] Not stated; total study population (34–76) Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated Patients’ areas of concerns and impact of myositis upon daily living to discuss with rheumatologists
  1. ALS-FRS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Functional Rating Scale; HAQ: Health Assessment Questionnaire; IBMFRS: IBM functional rating scale; MMT: manual muscle testing; mOBFRS: modified oral bulbar facial respiratory scale [46]; MRC: Medical Research Council score; mRS: modified Rankin Scale; NIF: negative inspiratory force; QMT: qualitative muscle testing;
  2. *Values are reported as median, mean ± SD, (range) or (IQR)
  3. **Due to the aim of the description of disease specific HRQoL, the values for non-specific disease severity were not extracted in detail