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Table 1 Principles and criteria used to build the PID Life Index

From: The PID Life Index: an interactive tool to measure the status of the PID healthcare environment in any given country



PID diagnosis

Diagnosis rate

Biological diagnosis availability

Genetic diagnosis availability

Prenatal diagnosis availability

Newborn screening for SCID


Anti-infectious availability

Immunoglobulin availability

Vaccine availability

Curative treatments

Biological and targeted therapies

Plasma collection

Universal health coverage

Diagnosis reimbursement

Anti-infectious reimbursement

Immunoglobulin reimbursement

Vaccine reimbursement

Curative treatments reimbursement

Biological and targeted therapies reimbursement

Specialised centres

National PID specialised centre/network

Adult PID services

Transition care

National patient organisations

Established national group in the country

Professional paid staff

Main working areas


National PID registry

Bone marrow donor registry