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Table 6 Cost components used in the CHESS II study

From: Clinical, humanistic, and economic burden of severe haemophilia B in adults receiving factor IX prophylaxis: findings from the CHESS II real-world burden of illness study in Europe

Outcome Component category Measured element
Direct medical costs Hospitalisations Day case
Outpatient (ie, for planned treatments)
Inpatient, including length of stay
Surgical procedures Number and type of surgeries
Length of stay
Time spent in intensive care
Consultant visits Haematologist
Other specialties
Tests and examinations Blood tests
Other tests and examinations
Coagulation factor Brand (current and previous)
Professional caregiver Hourly wage
Hours per week
Direct non-medical costs Alternative and complimentary therapies Number of visits
Cost per session
Travel costs Car
Public transport
Requirement for aids/equipment Walking aids
Home adjustments
Transfer payments Entitlement per month
Indirect costs Work productivity impact Absenteeism
Early retirement/stopped working
Caregiver burden Hours per week
Work productivity impact for caregiver