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Table 5 Funding landscape in rare diseases by individual diseases

From: Scientific evidence based rare disease research discovery with research funding data in knowledge graph

GARD_ID GARD_Name Total_Funding_Amount
GARD:0007413 Poliomyelitis 883,746,192
GARD:0006961 Malaria 767,571,217
GARD:0008157 Anthrax 586,088,491
GARD:0003434 Measles 506,370,796
GARD:0008614 Sickle cell anemia 409,771,041
GARD:0006233 Cystic fibrosis 379,448,373
GARD:0006677 Huntington disease 338,795,668
GARD:0007295 Ovarian cancer 329,709,694
GARD:0007108 Multiple myeloma 325,613,724
GARD:0009226 Abdominal obesity metabolic syndrome 306,250,394