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Table 3 Literature review

From: Co-existing of craniofacial fibrous dysplasia and cerebrovascular diseases: a series of 22 cases and review of the literature

Author, year Patient characteristics Comorbidity Follow-up
Age Gender Symptom FD Vascular disease Management
FD Vascular disease
Gianluca [4], 1996 36 Female Facial asymmetry MAS; right sphenoid and frontal bones and right ethmoidal cells Arteriovenous malformation involving the right palpebra and orbit arising from external carotid artery Follow-up and observation Follow-up and observation Dysgenic iridocorneal angles with increased intraocular pressure and retinal degeneration No
Ishiguro [9], 1985 33 Male Hard mass Right frontal bone, orbit, sphenoid bone and parietal bone Arteriovenous fistula arising from multiple branches of external carotid artery and medial frontal artery Resection and the defects replaced by bone cement embolization No 1 year; no symptoms recur
Yamashita[44] fcv, 2019 66 Female Cranial bone deformity and vision loss in the left eye Left cranial vault and left orbit Middle meningeal artery aneurysm Follow-up and observation Surgical removal after Embolization No 6-month; no symptomatic recurrence
Pan [7], 2020 48 Male Diplopia, tinnitus Right sphenoid, occiput, and right temporal bone Arteriovenous fistula within the occipital FD with blood supply from branches of external carotid arteries and vertebral arteries Biopsy Embolization FD of the right lower extremity, bilateral upper extremeties, ribs, right scapula No