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Table 4 Domain 6 “Education and awareness on BS

From: Being a caregiver of a Behçet’s syndrome patient: challenges and perspectives during a complex journey

Questions Answers n (%)
Do you think you have fully understood the illness of your family member or partner? Yes:60 (64%)
  No: 34 (36%)
Do you think you are sufficiently familiar with the condition of your family member or partner? Yes: 52 (55%)
  No:21 (22%)
  No opinion: 22 (23%)
Would you like to receive help in caring for your family member or partner? Yes: 28 (30%)
  No: 49 (52%)
  No opinion: 17 (18%)
Would you like to take part in a training programme to learn more about the illness and treatment of your family member or partner? Yes: 64 (68%)
  No: 13 (14%)
  No opinion: 17 (18%)
Do you know other people than your family member/friend/partner that were diagnosed with BS? Yes: 47 (50%)
  No: 47 (50%)
Are you aware of the existence of a patient association for BS (SIMBA OVD)? Yes: 88 (94%)
  No: 6 (6%)
Are you in contact or have you used the services of the association? Yes: 39 (42%)
  No: 55 (58%)
If yes, was it useful or did you benefit from the services offered by the association? Yes: 71 (75%)
  No: 9 (10%)
  No opinion: 14 (15%)