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Table 2 Medical fields and main topics addressed by the funded projects

From: Fondazione Telethon and Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare, a successful partnership for neuromuscular healthcare research of value for patients

Medical field Main topics No. of projects No. publications; Period: 2004–2020 (Sources: Web of Science platforms by Clarivate™ and Europe PubMed Central)
Cardiology Diagnosis; prevention; device; precision medicine; biobanks 4 13
Endocrinology and nutrition Bone density; body mass index; body composition; dietary 3 7
Medical genetics Genetic diagnosis; gene panels 7 53
Neurology Geno-phenotype correlation; functional outcome measures; natural history; standards of care; pharmacological trials 38 240
Physical medicine & rehabilitation Exercise training; assistive technology 4 21
Psychology and quality of life Quality of life questionnaires; caregiver burden; neuropsychological and psychiatric evaluation 5 20