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Table 7 Raw prevalence rates of COVID-19 cases among Lombardy general population, stratified by Province

From: Characterization of epidemiological distribution and outcome of COVID-19 in patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: a nationwide retrospective multi-centre study during first wave in Italy

Province Observed raw prevalence rate in general populationa
Lombardy region 1:107
Cremona 1:54
Lodi 1:64
Bergamo 1:77
Brescia 1:80
Pavia 1:97
Sondrio 1:114
Mantova 1:116
Lecco 1:118
Milano 1:134
Como 1:146
Monza Brianza 1:151
Varese 1:226
  1. Whole Lombardy Region in bold, single provinces in plain text
  2. Lombardy Region: Total general population, 2020: 10,027,602 (ISTAT, 2019, Dec 31st). Number of COVID-19 cases reported at the end of study period (2020, June 30th): 93,901
  3. aPrevalence rate at the end of study period (2020, June 30th)