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Table 2 GEAR program streams

From: The GoodHope Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Clinic: development and implementation of the first interdisciplinary program for multi-system issues in connective tissue disorders at the Toronto General Hospital

Program Stream GEIIS Score Clinician
Exercise 0–1 Kinesiologist or Physiotherapist
Rehabilitation 2–3 Physiotherapist
Combined (Exercise & Rehabilitation) 1–2 with requirement for conditioning and impairment-based exercises Physiotherapist ± Kinesiologist
One-time active lifestyle counselling session 0–3 and unable to attend in-hospital Exercise and/or Rehabilitation sessions Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist
  1. Note: the program is overseen by a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician who provides initial physical assessment of the patient, including contraindications and goals of treatment, and is available for consult regarding the exercise and rehabilitation care