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Table 1 Symptom attribution and delay before diagnosis

From: Which triggers could support timely identification of primary antibody deficiency? A qualitative study using the patient perspective

Patient Age
Delay (years) Signs and symptoms Patient’s attribution
At start of symptoms At time of diagnosis At time of interview
1, F, CVID 28 33 38 5 Recurrent sinusitis/ otitis/ rhinitis/ pneumonia, fatigue, weight loss, anosmia, splenomegaly Increased susceptibility due to pregnancy, being too busy and taking too little rest
2, F, sIgAdef 13 32 35 19 Chronic rhinitis, hypothyroidism, fatigue, stomach and bowel complaints No considerations, but fear about the diagnosis
3, F, CVID 26 29 35 3 Chronic cough, recurrent otitis/ bronchitis, ITP, alopecia areata, chronic fatigue Some kind of autoimmune disorder, sensitive lungs
4, F, CVID 43 46 51 3 Being always ill, almost continuously fever, recurrent rhinitis/ otitis/ pneumonia/ sinusitis, anosmia, fatigue, recurrent ITP, chronic diarrhea, meningitis, inguinal lymphadenopathy, weight loss n/a
5, M, agammaglobulinemia 4 13 59 9 Recurrent meningitis/ pneumonia/ otitis/ sinusitis XLA (after diagnosed was discovered in his brother)
6, F, CVID 45 51 57 6 Recurrent respiratory infections/ sinusitis/ pneumonia, chronic cough, aphthous lesions, salpingitis, arthralgia, bronchial hyperreactivity, fatigue, exercise intolerance Some kind of immune disorder
7, F, unPAD 0 5 36 5 Recurrent otitis/ rhinitis/ sinusitis, chronic cough, skin abscess, pneumonia, failure to thrive n/a
8, M, CVID 5 40 58 35 Recurrent otitis/ rhinitis/ sinusitis/ pneumonia/ varicella zoster/ Giardia lamblia, fatigue, warts, meningitis, anosmia n/a
9, F, unPAD 22 42 46 20 Recurrent otitis/ sinusitis/ pneumonia/ skin infections, mumps, chickenpox (2x), asthma, Graves’ disease Initially Graves’ disease and asthma, later after searching the internet an immune disorder
10, F, CVID 8 23 24 16 Erythema nodosum, splenomegaly, enlarged supraclavicular lymph node, fatigue, oral aphthous lesions, being always ill, recurrent otitis/ sinusitis Iron deficiency anemia, some kind of viral infection
11, M, sIgAdef 0 4 16 4 Recurrent rhinitis/ otitis/ pharyngitis, fatigue, growth retardation, chronic diarrhea n/a
12, F, IgG subclass deficiency 1 40 44 39 Recurrent sinusitis/ pharyngitis/ respiratory tract infections, fatigue, multiple allergies, asthma, retropharyngeal abscess Combination of (severe) asthma and allergies
13, F, Good syndrome Not precisely known 68 68 > 30 Iron deficiency anemia, recurrent lymphadenopathy/ cystitis/ sinusitis/ otitis/ respiratory tract infections, fatigue, chronic diarrhea, diverticulitis Combination of iron deficiency anemia, asthma and diverticulitis
14, F, CVID 40 50 63 10 Recurrent sinusitis and pneumonia, odontogenic infections, sepsis, severe wound infection, fatigue, exercise intolerance, chronic slightly elevated body temperature Initially viral infections in combination with psychological factors (divorce) and menopause, later after searching the internet an immune disorder
  1. CVID common variable immunodeficiency disorders, F female, IgGscdef IgG subclass deficiency, ITP idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, M male, n/a not applicable, PID primary immunodeficiency, slgAdef selective IgA deficiency, unPAD unclassified primary antibody deficiency, XLA X-linked agammaglobulinemia