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Table 4 Diagnostic criteria of relapsing polychondritis used in present study

From: Clinical patterns and the evolution of relapsing polychondritis based on organ involvement: a Chinese retrospective cohort study

Criteria Items of criteria Requirement
McAdam’s criteria [14] Bilateral auricular chondritis
Nasal chondritis
Respiratory tract chondritis
Non-erosive seronegative polyarthritis
Ocular inflammation
Cochlear and/or vestibular dysfunction
3 out of 6 criteria
Damiani’s criteria [15] 3 of 6 McAdam et al. criteria
1 of 6 McAdam et al. criteria + histologic confirmation
2of 6 McAdam et al. criteria + Response to corticosteroids or dapsone
Any of these
Michet’s criteria [16] Major criteria:
 Auricular cartilage inflammation
 Nasal cartilage inflammation
 Laryngotracheal cartilage inflammation
Minor criteria:
 Ocular inflammation
 Hearing loss
 Vestibulary dysfunction
 Seronegative arthritis
2 major criteria
1 major criteria + 2 minor criteria
Criteria of Partial RPC [11] A. Recurrent chondritis with deformity
B. Vestibular dysfunction
C. Ocular inflammation
D. Inflammatory arthritis
A + any of B to D
Criteria of Limited RPC [6, 8, 13, 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24] A. Recurrent inflammatory episodes at isolated cartilaginous sites
B. Exclusion of other possible causes
C. Responsive to glucocorticoids
A + B + C