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Table 4 Quotes relating to acute pain as an experienced symptom

From: Patient and caregiver experiences of living with acute hepatic porphyria in the UK: a mixed-methods study

Quote (identifier)
“A [labour] contraction that doesn’t end […] I can kind of handle pain, but this was just off the scale […] it was like blinding pain […] feels like someone’s just tearing your insides from within all the time, constantly […] like burning shears.” (Patient I)
“Just constant stabbing, whipping, burning pain across my ribs and my abdomen […] then spread up to my lungs. So, it feels like I can’t breathe properly. Spreads down into my lower abdomen, my legs. And the intensity of the pain is anywhere from eight to ten out of ten […] it would feel like someone was pouring acid on my intestines and then ripping them open. And then around my ribs and my lungs particularly, it would feel like someone was scraping my ribs with knives. And then in my spine I would feel like a hot poker, pressing into my spinal cord and sending shooting pains up and down my body.” (Patient E)