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Table 10 Nutritional Care Interventions in CLN2, statements and consensus data

From: Guidelines on the diagnosis, clinical assessments, treatment and management for CLN2 disease patients

Statement Responders Evidence level Consensus
Any patients affected by CLN2 should be fed according to his/her CNS grade of integrity, or there is no evidence to support feeding CLN2 patients different to any other patient affected by a neurodegenerative disease 38 D 86
For CLN2 patients over age 16 years with significant dysphagia, enteral tube feeding should be considered according to current NICE guidance: 35 NA 83
Tube feeding should be considered if one of the following is present: Increased risk of choking, Inability to meet nutritional requirements, Confirmed silent aspiration on video fluoroscopy, Repeated episodes of aspiration pneumonia confirmed by imaging 40 NA 94