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Table 1 Categories for frequency of infections in A-T. Age 10 was used as a cutoff for scoring infection susceptibility because patients become more susceptible to infections as they age and the effects of A-T become progressively more pronounced

From: Growth in ataxia telangiectasia

Category Description
1 No increase in susceptibility to infection before age 10
2 Infection frequency greater than unaffected population before age 10, but not significantly impairing (not requiring hospitalization), such as ear infections and sinusitis, or a case of mild pneumonia not requiring hospitalization (as described by a clinician)
3 Frequent and more serious infections before age 10, such as at least one serious pneumonia (e.g. requiring hospitalization), chronic bronchitis, and/or chronic sinusitis refractory to treatment
4 Same as category 3, but serious infections starting before the 2nd birthday