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Table 1 Postoperative accuracy study of condylar repositioning with osteotomy and repositioning guide

From: A new method for individual condylar osteotomy and repositioning guides used in patients with severe deformity secondary to condylar osteochondroma

  Osteotomy guide Repositioning guide
T1 vs T0 T1 vs T0 T2 vs T1
Mean 3-D (mm) 0.4101 0.4176 0.8143
Max 3-D (mm) 3.2400 3.4985 4.4987
Standard deviation(mm) 1.0036 0.5770 1.0146
RMS estimate (mm) 1.1010 0.6045 1.0298
  1. T0, preoperative design; T1, 3 days after surgery; T2, 1 year after surgery; D:deviation; RMS, root mean square