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Table 1 Patient characteristics and pain profiles

From: Suppressed prefrontal cortex oscillations associate with clinical pain in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

Patient Age
Gender Pain intensity*
Pain location* Analgesic use** HO location Comments
1 16 Female 0 Jaw Pain (5–6/10) in jaw experienced in past 7 days
Oxycodone used 2 weeks prior, Ice alleviates pain
2 12 Male 0 Naproxen Arm, neck, shoulders & back Pain rarely
Experienced. Persistent use of naproxen
3 29 Female 4 Left foot Left foot and left shoulder Pain (1–2/10) in left shoulder experienced in past 7 days
Intermittent use of ketoprofen
Wheelchair use
4 28 Female 0 Right shoulder and left hip Pain experienced ~ 2 years ago for ~ 6 months
Pain may be evoked by walking
5 22 Male 3 Back, knee, & Ankle Oxycodone & Fentanyl Jaw, wrist, fingers, elbows, back, hips, left knee, thigh, left calf, & ankles Pain (7/10) in past 7 days
Throbbing pain reported
Persistent use of oxycodone & fentanyl
Wheelchair use
6 9 Male 3 Neck & back Ibuprofen Neck, back, shoulder, knees Dull pain reported
Intermittent use of ibuprofen
7 32 Male 1 Lower back & ankle Neck, back, left thigh, & toes Pain (4–5/10) in past 7 days
Pain can be a deep ache (back) or sharp & sudden (ankle)
8 12 Female 2 Right shoulder Acetaminophen Neck, back, & clavicle Pain (2/10) also experienced 2 days prior in shoulder
Intermittent use of acetaminophen
9 7 Male 0 Neck & back Pain rarely experienced in neck or back
10 30 Female 6 Lower back, back of leg, & both feet Acetaminophen and oxycodone Back, arms, legs, right hip, & ankles Acetaminophen & Oxycodone taken 2 weeks prior
Intermittent use of acetaminophen and oxycodone
Wheelchair use
11 46 Male 3 Jaw, neck, shoulder, & hips Oxycodone & morphine Jaw, shoulder, & hips Pain (5–6/10) in hips
In past 7 days. Persistent use of oxycodone & morphine
Wheelchair use
12 33 Female 0 Acetaminophen Jaw, neck, shoulder, elbows, fingers, rib cage, spine, ankles, hips, & thighs Pain (2–3/10) experienced
In last 7 days in neck and
Pain evoked by physical activity
Intermittent use of acetaminophen
Wheelchair use
13 32 Female 7 Jaw & chest Jaw, neck, shoulder, arms, chest, back, hips, knees, & ankles Pain (6–7) has been Persistently present in chest and jaw
No medications taken to treat pain
Wheelchair use
14 31 Female 3 Right knee Fentanyl & gabapentin HO present throughout entire body Pain (8/10) in right knee in past 7 days
Persistent use of fentanyl & gabapentin
15 58 Female 9 Right shoulder & back Oxycodone HO present throughout entire body Severe level of pain, experienced daily
Intermittent use of oxycodone
Wheelchair use
16 61 Female 8 Neck & back Acetaminophen & hydrocodone Chest, rib cage, illiac bone and spine Persistent pain (8/10) experienced in back
Pain evoked by physical activity
Persistent use of acetaminophen & hydrocodone
Walking cane use
17 23 Female 4 Jaw, neck, back, left lower leg Gabapentin & celecoxib Jaw, neck, shoulders, back, & right hip Pain (2/10) in hamstring, back and jaw. Pain (4/10) in left calf. Both persistent
Persistent use of gabapentin & celecoxib
Predisone also taken
  1. HO, Heterotopic Ossification
  2. *Self-reported ongoing pain intensity and location of pain during the fNIRS study visit. Pain levels correspond to the overall pain experienced during time of fNIRS acquisition
  3. **Analgesic(s) used during the fNIRS study visit