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Table 5 Attack frequency in patients with HAE-PLG before and during long-term prophylaxis

From: Treatment of patients with hereditary angioedema with the c.988A>G (p.Lys330Glu) variant in the plasminogen gene

Patient No.MedicationSymptomatic years before LTPAttacks during symptomatic years before LTPYears with LTPAttacks during LTPReduction in attack frequency (%)
Attenuated androgens**
  1. C1-INH C1 inhibitor, HAE hereditary angioedema, HAE-PLG HAE with normal C1-INH and the c.988A>G (p.K330E) variant in the PLG gene, LTP long-term prophylaxis, TXA tranexamic acid
  2. *after discontinuing estrogen-containing oral contraceptives
  3. **dose range 100 mg to 200 mg danazol daily