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Table 4 Efficacy of pdC1-INH in 74 swellings versus 129 untreated attacks in 12 patients with HAE-PLG

From: Treatment of patients with hereditary angioedema with the c.988A>G (p.Lys330Glu) variant in the plasminogen gene

Patient numberNo. of untreated attacks*Mean duration of untreated attacks (hrs)No. of treated attacksNo. of attacks treated with 500 IU/1000 IU/1500 IU/3000 IU pdC1-INHMean time between attack onset and injection of icatibant (hrs)Mean time to first symptom relief (hrs)Mean duration of treated attacks (hrs)Mean shortening of attack duration attacks (%)No. of attacks shortened by > 50%No. of attacks shortened by 20–50%No. of attacks shortened by < 20%
Facial attacks
Tongue swellings
Abdominal attacks
Total No.1297421/50/2/129540
  1. HAE hereditary angioedema, HAE-PLG HAE with normal C1-INH and the c.988A > G (p.K330E) variant in the plasminogen gene; pdC1-INH plasma-derived C1-INH, No. number
  2. *Last 10 attacks before treatment or all if less than 10
  3. **Severe and rapidly developing attacks
  4. Note: Out of the 74 swellings, 27 were facial swellings, 20 tongue swellings, and 27 abdominal attacks